A capsule wardrobe is a relatively small collection of clothes. Those pieces of clothes coordinate well with each other. A capsule wardrobe can be created by choosing or selecting around twenty-five to thirty pieces of different types of clothes that coordinate with each other. A capsule wardrobe helps one to save money, and time and provides or saves a lot of space in the closet. Many established fashion design institutes educate their candidates and cover up each and every topic that is related to fashion.

However, in order to make a capsule wardrobe, there are some steps that are needed to be followed. They are as follows.

• CLEARING THE WARDROBE: Clearing the wardrobe is the most important and probably the main step in order to make a capsule wardrobe. Firstly, select all the clothes that are unnecessary, not needed, taking up too much space and not coordinating with each other properly. Set aside all of those pieces that are no longer loved, needed or necessary. They can be different pieces of clothes, shoes and/or accessories. Taking this step will already help a person to get closer to achieving a capsule wardrobe. Now, all those pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories that are put aside can be donated to helpless people.

• PERSONALIZING THE WARDROBE ACCORDING TO THE OWNER’S CHOICE: In order to get a capsule wardrobe, one must customize and personalize their closet in such a way that it will provide a lot of free space. It can be done by selecting the clothes that are still loved, used and needed. They must coordinate with each other. In addition to that, those chosen pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories match well with each other and can create a wonderful and aesthetically pleasing look when paired together.

• GETTING INVOLVED WITH THE BASICS: Basic pieces of clothes are the best things to make a capsule wardrobe. A white t-shirt goes with anything. It will make any outfit complete. A grey T-shirt will do the same, it will just go with anything, such as jackets and pants, and will help one create a complete and chic look. In addition to these, a black shirt or T-shirt will turn anything stunning. The colour black just suits every look and it looks good with literally anything. Eminent fashion designing institutes in Kolkata like INIFD Saltlake grooms their aspirants in every possible way to enrich their vision and grasp even the tiniest detail in fashion. Apart from these, a pair of blue jeans also goes with anything. Any top can be paired with a pair of blue jeans, and the same goes for black jeans as well. Therefore, going with the basics at the beginning of making a capsule wardrobe is the best and probably the ultimate step.

• SELECTING THE RIGHT PIECES: Last but definitely not least, choosing the right pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories is very necessary. It must match one’s body type and vibes, since fashion is all about confidence, and creativity and, is greatly associated with personality as well.

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