Hiking, camping, or backpacking call for the correct equipment for the trip, and this gear varies according to the safety measures or preferences of the hikers. Outdoor equipment though may be cheap, but the cost might seem very high, and this makes a lot of people think that their equipment is expensive. Luckily, getting good quality products for outdoor wear especially when the trip will involve unfamiliar terrains does not have to be expensive. Planning your equipment is equally important as planning your travel resolutions. This article will highlight some ideas and recommendations on where to get cheap yet efficient equipment for the next adventure.

Prioritize Essential Gear

Due to the relatively large number of goods, to successfully shop on a limited budget some of the main equipment should be prioritized as follows. The things like a good backpack, strong hiking shoes, a high-quality tent, and clothing appropriate to the weather are the most crucial. On this note, the following necessities should be accorded importance to ensure one has acquired the compulsory gear that is necessary for a safe and energetic trip, while the other accessories are put off to be purchased when they are most needed.

Look For Sales or Discount Coupons

Lots of outdoor equipment stores provide proper seasonal sales and clearance and usual code, which allows buying genuine products at comparatively low prices. Keep checking for newsletters from your favorite store, and follow them over social media, this way you can know when major sales like Black Friday or when the retail outlets are clearing the end-of-season rack.

What about Multi-Use Attire such as OTF Knives

This can be a pack of multi-purpose utensils such as having a fork as a spoon instead of having a fork and spoon altogether. For instance, quality OTF knives are really handy tools that can be theoretically used for most intents and purposes, such as cutting ropes, slicing food items, and what have you, especially if you are an ardent lover of outdoor activities. The most effective and affordable advertising materials have more than one use, which is why when you are on the market for tools, it is easier to just invest in items that have multiple uses.

Explore Second-Hand Options

Thrift shops, auction sites like eBay, and gear swaps are ideal for those willing to purchase used branded items at cheap prices. A lot of people who go trekking, hiking, or backpacking also sell their almost new and unused gear at very reduced prices meaning one can buy these items for a way cheaper price than the new ones in the market. Every time one uses second-hand gear, there is a need to ensure that such gear is suitable for use and in good condition.

DIY Some Gear

For those of you who are adept at constructing equipment, creating your gear is cheaper than purchasing brand ones. It is possible to screw up money in areas like buying equipment and gears you need for camping activities by executing simple projects like making your stuff sacks, constructing a camping stove from a soda can, or even modifying a tarp for shelter. There’s tons of information out there on the internet that provides users with various DIY tutorials on outdoor gear.

Go out for Membership in Groups and Clubs

Moreover, local clubs or groups that may be available are extremely valuable, as they can be the source of cheap and shared equipment and, most importantly, knowledge from the locals. Some companies even provide so many options for rental programs to their members that you do not have to own great equipment but can still use it. Also, it is accustomed to exchanging information concerning stores and or markets that offer the best bargain; some members even sell used outfits.

Invest in Quality

Although extravagance cuts costs one has to spend heavily and make a purchase of several good quality products which shall last longer. Fine gear while it is likely to be costly initially, is bound to last longer and perform much better, in the process of not requiring repair and replacement from time to time. Apart from that, it is recommended to select pieces that are rather significant for your safety and convenience, for instance, sleeping bags, footwear, and garments intended for fighting bad weather.

Equipment Rental for Non-Hardcore Utilization

If the majority of your experiences are not cumbersome ventures where you are exposed to the ravishing outdoors, then it would be perceived that it is cheaper to rent the equipment. equipment rental services such as tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks are also available in numerous shops or on the internet shops specializing in outdoor wear and items. Renting has the added advantage of using professional quality equipment at a significantly low cost compared to buying it and is suitable for those who only use the equipment occasionally or need it for a limited number of times before the next purchase but would want to try the equipment first.


Government activities sometimes constrain those who would like to engage in outdoor activities through expensive means. Some tips that can assist a young adventurer in getting all the necessary gear for his adventures without spending more than he should include: making a list of basic gear and focusing on this list when looking for deals, considering multi-use gear such as OTF knife, trying to buy second-hand, DIYing some gear, joining groups, buying quality where it is necessary, and renting gear in case of rare use. Therefore I’m confident that after applying these guidelines, you can hit the trail for your next outdoor activity armed with the best gear at pocket-friendly prices.


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