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Hey, stop! Do not wander here and there in search of information about the healthy and youthful because now you have reached the right place. Starting a skincare routine seems a bit difficult but once you start there is no going back. Particularly if you are above 25 then the right time to start your skincare routine has started. 

The market is swamped with serums of different types and it becomes difficult for a beginner to select the best serum in order to initiate the journey toward youthful skin. First of all, never ever forget too read the instructions written on custom serum boxes because reading box labeling is the key to the selection of optimal quality products.  Select the serum that contains the right concentration. In today’s blog, we will discuss the three most important serums that should consist of your initial journey in skincare. 

What Are Serums? 

Serums are concentrated extracts of a particular compound with a very low molecular weight. The main purpose of the serums is to increase the overall texture of the skin to make it younger. Many people pretend to know serums but there are few of them who can tell what is the best serums for a particular skin type. Although the intended benefits and the concentration are mentioned on the custom printed serum boxes, to have a deeper understanding you must consult information available at the online sources. 

Serums, due to very small molecular weight, enter into the skin cells and repair the damage done by environmental factors, aging, and dietary habits. Serums are jam-packed with nutrients and give the user the Kardashina skin. The powerful ingredients are used for specific skin concerns like breakouts, wrinkles, oily skin, melasma, and much more.

The Best Time To Use Serums 

Before starting to use serums, read the instructions written on custom serum packaging boxes. Reading the labels will help you to understand the application time and method. As a rule of thumb, concentrated retinol serum should not be started every day. You can start using retinol every fourth day and then reduce the gap gradually to every alternate day to every day.

On the other hand, vitamin C and niacinamide serums can be used twice a day from the very start as they do not, or rarely, cause severe skin reactions. 

Are Serums And Moisturizers Interchangeable? 

Serum or moisture, what is the best? Are both of them interchangeable? The answer to both the question is yes and no at the same time. So you are left confused again? Let’s break the information to you. Serums have the main role of increasing skin elasticity while at the same time decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. 

On the other hand, moisturizers have the sole purpose of hydrating the skin. Now you want to ask “Then why it is written on the boxes that serums hydrate your skin?” Moisturizers are better hydrating agents as they lock the moisture into the skin cells, on the other hand, serums work on the root cause of dehydrated skin but do not add enough moisture. So this Christmas, you can gift your friend serums in custom christmas packaging to show your love and care to keep her skin fully hydrating in this dry winter season. 

The Best Three Serums

Now coming toward the actual topic, “What are the best three serums that must be a part and parcel of a beginner’s skincare routine?” For youthful skin include the following serums in your skincare regime: 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C serum is the heat of the skincare regime as this is the very beginning of your flawless skin. Vitamin C increases the skin’s capacity to absorb oxygen making the skin young and beautiful. As vitamin C is an antioxidant, it absorbs the free radicals present in the skin to reduce the damage. You must use concerted serums that contain at least 10-20 % of ascorbic acid aka vitamin C. 

Now you are unable to halt your urge to ask questions like, “Why do we not simply put lemon juice on our faces?” because natural sources do not contain the small molecular weight of vitamin C. See the custom serum boxes to know the concentration and the other ingredients present in the serum like tocopherols, glutathione, etc as they increase the efficacy of the serums to many folds. 


The other magical serum is vitamin A also known as rational. This magical serum is the worst enemy of aging as it increases the production of collagen, unclog the pores, and reduces the pore size. It is the best serum for those who have been suffering from the problem of melasma. Select the serum with at least 0.3 to 1 % rational. If you are a serum seller in USA, you get custom serum boxes from the best packager because the cold environment in the USA can damage the retinol composition. 


The third and last one of our three service serums is niacinamide. This is in simple terms vitamin B3 it brightens and evens out the skin. The best part of niacinamide use is that has no side effects. You will start seeing excellent results in just a few weeks without any rashes on your skin. Besides this, niacinamide is the powerhouse of skin flawless as it belongs to the group of vitamin B complexes that all play an effective role in increasing human beauty.


While concluding the whole discussion, one thing that we are not gonna miss is that the serums be used wisely. Not only women but men too should use serums as a self-care gesture. To find the best serums for your skin type do research online, consult a dermatologist, and read information on custom serum boxes.


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