Guest Posting Guidelines

Create inspirational content writing GENERAL GUIDELINES

·         Be sure to include proper headlines (H2, H3, etc.)

·         Write quality and unique content that adds more value for our audience.

·         Contents written in only English are accepted

·   Please do not write for Ideal Post UK if your content has been published somewhere else.

·    It is suggested to include high-quality images. It’s compulsory to have in the article and it should be unique and should not be published somewhere else or it should be under Creative Commons license and also provide image Source where necessary.

·    Links should be included with proper Anchor text but only those links that will provide value to the readers (According to Google). Only those links can be added that make sense to be included (It should not be just for link building). We accept every link that will follow search engine rules (don’t reject links based on DA or PA but linked sites should follow search engine rules)

·       We know there is a lot of content on the internet and creating unique and quality content is so difficult that is why we decided we will allow everyone to include links to quality and user-satisfying links to be credited.

·        We didn’t accept which has Grammarly mistakes.

·       Submitting your guest post to Ideal Post UK means we will own copyrights and we can modify it if we feel there is a need.

Checklist Before Submitting Article

·         Minimum 1 Internal Links Added

·         Headlines (H2, H3, etc.) Added.

·         You will share your article on your Social Media Accounts.

·         Only One External Dofollow link is Allowed.

·         Article Must Be unique & informative.

Article Format

·         A well-researched title

·         Sub-headings

·         Images (At least one Featured)

·         At Least One (1) internal link

·      No more than 1 external link (If we find more than 1 external link then we will remove it of our choice and will not edit your article for you.

·       External link will be do-follow

Guest Posting Queries

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Publishing Procedure

1.   You will help us with your articles and website Off-page SEO.

2. You will share your article on your social media profiles by tagging our social media profiles.


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